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Matinee meaning

Matinee meaning

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Check out the biggest concerts and comedians coming to Knoxville this summer

According to, This summer is going to be hot, and we don’t mean the temperature. Music superstars … There will be five performances, including two matinee shows. “Funny is funny,” says comedian Jo Koy. After having to postpone a scheduled show due to a COVID …

From source: designed to recreate that kind of filmgoing experience while the PBS series, Matinee at the Bijou, presented the equivalent content. Some theaters ran on continuous…

From source: August 24, 2017. Retrieved July 9, 2012. "NBC Short Story". The Lottery. Matinee Classics. Archived from the original (audio) on December 3, 2013. Retrieved…

From source: edited a short film in which a shot of the expressionless face of Tsarist matinee idol Ivan Mosjoukine was alternated with various other shots (a bowl of…


According to the source from, ” Matinée literally means “morning performance” in French but has come to mean “daytime or afternoon performance” in English. The “evening performance” meaning of soirée has not been adopted by English.

Sharing a hint from, matinee noun [ C ] (also matineé) us / ˌmæt· ə nˈeɪ / an afternoon performance of a movie or play (Definition of matinee from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Examples of matinee matinee The time saved will allow for more rehearsals and more matinee performances. From the Hansard archive

A post published in, matinee noun [ C ] us / ˌmæt̬. ə nˈeɪ / uk / ˈmæt.ɪ.neɪ / a movie shown or a play performed during the day, especially in the afternoon SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Spectacles & performances aerobatic amateur theater bullfight bullfighting co-curate mano a mano music hall one-night stand one-person open mic party piece routine

It is learnt from a blog, matinee (n.) “afternoon performance, an entertainment held in the daytime,” 1848, from French matinée (musicale), from matinée “morning” (with a sense here of “daytime”), from matin “morning” (but here “afternoon” or “daytime”), from Old French matines (see matins ). Originally as a French word in English; it lost its foreignness by late 19c.

It is understood from sites like, matinee: 1 n a theatrical performance held during the daytime (especially in the afternoon) Type of: histrionics , representation , theatrical , theatrical performance a performance of a play


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