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Latinx meaning

Latinx meaning

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For Latinx victims of gun violence — now including families in Texas — grieving can be extra complicated. Here’s why.

According to, The pain felt by people in Uvalde comes layered with the fact that Latinx communities are disproportionately affected by gun violence in the United States.

From source: Latino, as in the terms Latin@, Latine, Latino/a, and Latinx. Both supporters and opponents of Latinx have cited linguistic imperialism as a reason for supporting…

From source: African-American, German, and Puerto Rican descent. When the term "Afro-Latinx" became widespread in the 2010s, she was often identified as such. Her mother…


According to the source from, : of, relating to, or marked by Latin American heritage —used as a gender-neutral alternative to Latino or Latina … the oldest of three girls in a tightknit Latinx family — Christine Almeda During her victory speech last night, the activist … thanked the district’s primarily Latinx community for their trust in her vision for America.

Sharing a hint from, What does Latinx mean and how is it pronounced? Latinx has generally been used since the early 2010s as a gender-neutral term for members of the Latin American or Hispanic communities in place of…

If you read from, Latinx is a neologism in American English, sometimes used to refer to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity in the United States. The gender-neutral -x suffix replaces the -o/-a ending of Latino and Latina that are typical of grammatical gender in Spanish. Its plural is Latinxs. Words used for similar purposes include Latin@ and Latine. It is also considered a racial slur by …

It is inferred from, latinx LatinX or latinx is a slur said by white liberals, angered Karens, and egotistical people who think they’re being inclusive but are actually being ignoramus of the culture, language, nuances and opinions of the Latinas, Latinos, Latins, and Hispanic community.

A post published in, Latinx is a gender-neutral term for Latin Americans (or those of Latin descent) who don’t fit into the categories or labels of “male” or “female.” Commonly pronounced “Latin-EX” or “la-teen-ex,” the term Latinx purposefully breaks with Spanish’s gendered grammatical tradition.

It is learnt from a blog, ‘Latinx’ is a gender-neutral word for people of Latin American descent. Latinx is used generally as a gender-neutral term for Latin Americans, but it has been especially embraced by members of Latin LGBTQ communities as a word to identify themselves as people of Latin descent possessing a gender identity outside the male/female binary.

It is understood from sites like, Latinx (adj.): Relating to people of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to Latino or Latina) The word, which bubbled up from college campuses, has…

Source:, “Latinx” has emerged as an inclusive term to refer to people of Latin American descent, encompassing those who don’t identify as male or female or who don’t want to be identified by their gender….

I had gone through, In short, “Latinx” means people who originate from Spanish-speaking countries — regardless of whether or not they speak Spanish. It is possible, he says, to be Latinx but not Hispanic, as are…


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